Quinzaine claire

France | 2017 | 97 min
Khmer, English, French | Subtitles in French
Cinematography: Emilien Awada
Distribution: Quilombo Films, Anti-Archive
Editing: Margaux Serre
Music: Him Sophy
Producer: Davy Chou, Adonis Liranza
Script: Adrien Genoudet, Eline Grignard
Sound: Vincent Villa
Production: Anti-Archive, Quilombo Films


During the Khmer Rouge regime, people said that Cambodia was plunged into total darkness. A thick night that erased everything: faces, gestures, images. Like in the ancient Khmer tales, only the glow of the moon shed light on faces and marked the passage of time. The dark days were followed by two weeks of clear nights.
Forty years after Phnom Penh fell on April 17, 1975, Séra Ing is working on a sculpture that will become the first memorial to the genocide. The project runs into some difficulties and reveals the paradoxes in a changing society. Is it now time to remember?


Adrien Genoudet

Adrien Genoudet is a filmmaker and visual arts historian associated with the Collège de France in Paris. Since 2013, he has been a doctoral student at the Institut d’histoire du temps présent at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique. He teaches the arts and film at Sciences Po and the École européenne supérieure de l'image. Defining himself as a “visual historian,” he has directed Mains libres (2014), the feature-length documentary Parler de la mort n'a jamais fait mourir (2014) and À quatre mains (2016).
Filmography | À quatre mains (2016) ; 1913 (1) (2015) ; 1913 (2) (2015) ; Impasse des acacias (2014) ; Mains libres (2014) ; Souffle de résistance (2007) ; Entr'ails (2006).

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Quinzaine claire
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Quinzaine claire

France | 97 min | 2017

Khmer, English, French | Subtitles in French