Safari Typo

France | 2016 | 7 min
Cinematography: Nina Bernfeld
Distribution: Les Films D'ici
Editing: Giuliano Papacchioli
Music: Studio Cairos, Jan Vysocky
Producer: Valérianne Boué
Sound: Guillaume Valeix
Production: Les Films D'ici


How type designers in Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Montreal allow artists, architects and designers to leave their mark on city walls, often without us realizing it.
A webserie of eight 7 minutes episodes.


Thomas Sipp

Thomas Sipp made both visual and audio documentaries. He divides his time between Paris and Toulouse, where he teaches filmmaking at the École supérieure des beaux-arts. Before making Safari Typo, he was already spending too much time in front of his computer screen, fascinated by the drop menu of fonts and their infinite variations. But since then, his life has become a living hell: he can no longer leave his home without being struck by the myriad flashing numerals and letters, transforming the streets into a gigantic open book…
Filmography | Sacrés Caractères ! (2014) ; Les champignons pourront-ils sauver le monde ? (2013) ; Deux compagnons des toits (2012) ; Cybercut (2008) ; Madame B. (2004) ; Le jour des frites (2000) ; Hotel Humboldt (1999) ; ACD (1997).

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