Sergueï Chtchoukine, le roman d'un collectionneur

France | 2016 | 53 min
French, Russian | Subtitles in French
Producer: David Berdah


Presented in partnership with DeSerres
The film will be available for free screening from Monday, March 12 on the website of La Fabrique culturelle

North American Premiere

Why does the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg own one of the richest French Impressionists art collections in the world? Why has Russia given birth to innovative artists such as Kandinsky and Malevitch? These questions have one answer: Serguei Chtchoukine’s passion. From 1898 to 1914, this painting aficionado regrouped 258 paintings in Moscow, signed by names such as Matisse, Picasso, and Gauguin. He founded the first Modern Art museum in the world, which he left behind after the Russian Revolution in 1917, as the Soviet regime did all in its power to erase Chtchoukine from history. This documentary retells the tragic fate of this extraordinary collection, its rediscovery, and the journey of its creator, a collector who once shaped the art of his time.


Tania Rakhmanova

Tania Rakhmanova is a Franco-Russian filmmaker, who began working as a print journalist in Russia, and moved into documentary films. Since 1997, she has produced and directed more than 20 documentary series and films on history, culture, and politics. Her films have received numerous awards in international film festivals, and Emmy Awards nominations.
Filmography | Trafic d’Art (2016) ; Quand la France occupait l’Allemagne (2014) ; La Conquête Glaciale (2014) ; Inside Iran (2013) ; Le Grand Froid Russe et le Grand Blond Français (2011) ; Roms : Le Premier Peuple Européen (2011) ; Oligarques, art et argent (2010) ; Tomi Ungerer croque Amérique (2009) ; Les Exilés de la Libération (2008) ; Lettre d’un Russe de Corse (2007).

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