Stories of Finnish Art – Werner Holmberg, Road in Häme (1860)

Finland | 2017 | 7 min
Author: Anja Olavinen
Cinematography: Hannu Pakarinen
Graphic creation: Lasse Kilpiä, Timo Luomanen, Suvi Wirman
Sound mixing: Zacharias Kullman
Editing: Ville Koivuranta, Ari Rusanen
Music: Riikka Lampinen, Annariina Seppä, Juri Seppä, Venla Seppä
Narration: Sanna-June Hyde
Participation: Mike Garner
Producer: Susanna Pettersson
Production: Mirjam Koskinen, Petri Riikonen
Concept: Terhi Amberla, Hannu Pakarinen


North American Premiere – Director in attendance

A production featuring classic works of Finnish art from the 19th century. A series of short films each presenting an important work of art and the complex artistic process, human, or feminist, linked to its creation.

Road in Häme plunges us into the heart of the forest, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Holmberg, one of Finland's greatest painters.


Terhi Amberla

Terhi Amberla is a freelance director, producer, production manager and production strategist based in Helsinki. She is working mainly with art, music, dance and multimedia cross over projects. Terhi Amberla has worked in television and made her debut as a director in 2003 with the film Art As Passion: Paul and Fanny Sinebrychoff as Art Collectors She won two awards, including one at the International Festival of Films on Art in 2004.
Filmography | Stories of Finnish Art – Hugo Simberg, Towards the Evening (2017) ; Stories of Finnish Art – Helene Schjerfbeck, The Convalescent (2017) ; Stories of Finnish Art – Ferdinand von Wright, The Fighting Capercaillies (2017) ; Stories of Finnish Art – Alexander Lauréus, Fire in a Farmhouse at Night (2017) ; Cornelis de Vos: Two Sisters (2007) ; Intohimona taide: Keräilyn kenttänä koko Eurooppa (2007) ; Intohimona taide: Keräilyä keisarillisessa Suomessa (2005) ; Art as Passion: Paul and Fanny Sinebrychoff as Art Collectors (2003).

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