Symphonie pour une architecture

Canada | 2016 | 29 min
Cinematography: Jean-Pierre Dussault
Distribution: Productions Vues D'en Haut
Editing: André Michaud
Music: Symon Henry, Yannick Plamondon
Producer: Jean-Pierre Dussault
Script: Roger Lapalme
Sound: Georges Sheehy
Production: Productions Vues D'en Haut


Director Jean-Pierre Dussault’s documentary recounts the extraordinary story of the creation of the symphony Voir dans le vent qui hurle les étoiles rire, et rire… Commissioned by the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec to open the new Pierre Lassonde Pavilion, composers Yannick Plamondon and Symon Henry created a unique symphony for string orchestra, solo marimba and electronic devices inspired by the pavilion’s exquisite architecture. Looking back at the path taken by Plamondon, who came rather late to music, we discover the force and singularity of this work: from the initial commission to the scores, from the performance by the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec on the pavilion’s monumental staircase to the public’s involvement in the performance, striking hundreds of musical triangles.


Jean-Pierre Dussault

A documenary director and producer, Jean-Pierre Dussault founded Les Productions Trait d'union in 1992. Before focusing on cultural subjects, he made several films dealing with international development, reflecting the essence of the cooperative actions and links between North and South. In 2002, he produced and co-directed the series Phôtos on contemporary photographers. His film Le vertige de l'étoile on the principal dancer of the National Ballet of Canada, Guillaume Côté, won an award at the 2014 FIFA. He also produced the documentary mini-series Québec, s'en va-t’en guerre ! on Quebec’s participation in the First World War, and produced and directed two documentaries for the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.

Filmography | Québec, s'en va-t-en guerre! (2014) ; LHJMQ la série (2013) ; Le vertige de l'étoile (2014) ; Second Regard (2011) ; La semaine verte (2010) ; Quand je serai vieille, je rangerai mon stylo (2009) ; Phôtos I & II (2004-2005) ; Parallèle (1998-2005) ; Cultivé bien élevé (1999-2000) ; Chercher le bon plaisir et puis… mourir cadeau (1998).

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