The International Festival of Films on Art - 38th edition from March 17 to 29, 2020

That Higher Level

Canada | 2018 | 75 min
English | Subtitles in French
Cinematography: Vince Arvidson
Editing: Hart Snider
Sound: Troy Slocum
Director: John Bolton
Categories :
FIFA Competition


Quebec Premiere - In attendance of the Director John Bolton and the Producer Shirley Vercruysse, March 22.

A look at students at the National Youth Orchestra of Canada, created in 1960, as they rehearse and perform their repertoire. One hundred students chosen to take an intensive five-week course, these young people meet, play together, and form an orchestra that then goes on a month-long Canada-wide tour. Linking documentary sequences that capture the institution’s spirit of training with images taken during the tour, the film explores the ties that are woven among the musicians, who form a small community, united by a single tuning fork.


John Bolton

Filmography | Michael J. Fox (2017) ; Aim For The Roses (2016) ; The Canadian Music Centre In BC’s Legacy Composer Series (2016) ; Debris (2015) ; Phobos And Deimos Circling (2012) ; Radio City: Date Nights (2012) ; The Making Of Fallujah: A New Chamber Opera (2012) ; 2 Takes (2010) ; Flame / Through Walls (2010) ; The Closer You Get To Canada (2010) ; Valentines (2008) ; Breakdown (2006) : Christus Vincit (2006) ; The Harp (2005) ; Beethoven Opus 59 No 3 Allegro Molto (2004)

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