The Devil's Horn

Canada | 2016 | 86 min
Cinematography: John Tran
Distribution: Larry Weinstein Productions
Editing: David New
Music: Aaron Davis
Producer: Larry Weinstein
Sound: Scott Burton
Production: Larry Weinstein Productions


For 170 years, from Adolphe Sax’s workshop to the classical stages, from the legendary eras of jazz and bebop to its ban by both the Nazis and the Pope, the saxophone has always been the most seductive—and feared—of musical instruments. Award-winning Canadian filmmaker Larry Weinstein illuminates the history and mythology of the instrument, including its curse—stemming from the difficult life of its mad inventor—that anyone who plays the instrument will fall prey to its dark powers. Through the sounds and stories of its legendary players, The Devil’s Horn conjures up all the poetry, passion and mystery of the instrument.


Larry Weinstein

Larry Weinstein is considered one of the world’s preeminent directors of documentaries and docu-dramas about music, and has been praised for his films on historical, political and sports topics. His films, which frequently blend dramatic, documentary and experimental techniques, include composer portraits, original operas for film, verité documentaries, and fully scripted dramas. His films have earned numerous awards and have been screened in more than 40 countries.
Filmography | Making Overtures: The Story of a Community Orchestra (1984) ; Ravel (1987) ; September Songs: The Music of Kurt Weill (1994) ; Solidarity Song: The Hanns Eisler Story (1995) ; The War Symphonies: Shostakovich Against Stalin (1997) ; Ravel’s Brain (2001) ; Beethoven’s Hair (2005) ; Mozartballs (2006) ; Our Man In Tehran (2013) ; Leslie Caron: The Reluctant Star (2016).

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The Devil's Horn
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The Devil's Horn

Canada | 86 min | 2016