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The Euphoria of Being

Hungary | 2019 | 83 min
Hungarian | Subtitles in English
Cast: Emese Cuhorka, Éva Fahidi, Réka Szabó
Editing: Sylvie Gadmer, Péter Sass
Music: Balázs Barna
Sound: Rudolf Várhegyi
Director: Réka Szabó
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FIFA Competition


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Quebec Premiere

Éva Fahidi was 20 when she left Auschwitz Birkenau and returned, orphaned, to Hungary. Now 90, this radiant woman bears the imprint of her past with strength and courage. Filmed with great compassion by Réka Szabó, this documentary recounts the creation of a dance-theatre duet between Éva Fahidi and internationally renowned dancer Emese Cuhorka. In a powerful performance, the intertwining of their bodies evokes the remarkable journey of a woman and the tragedy she carries with her. A moving artistic encounter of intense beauty.

Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland (2019) - Grand Prize of the Critics’ Week
Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2019) - Human Rights Award
Minsk International Film Festival “Listapad”, Belarus (2019) - Audience Award for Best Documentary Film
Trieste Film Festival, Italy (2020) - Best Documentary Film
IDFA, Netherlands (2019)
Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada (2019)


Réka Szabó

RÉKA SZABÓ (Budapest, 1969) graduated in mathematics and informatics, meanwhile she fell in love with contemporary dance. Now she is the artistic director of The Symptoms, one of the most significant contemporary dance-theatre companies in Hungary. The company recognizes no generic boundaries. They treat everyday problems that preoccupy all of us, addressing these themes in a deeply personal tone. All of this is wrapped in a vision that is grotesque, self-ironic and poetic at the same time. After directing two experimental short films, The Euphoria of Being is her first feature-length documentary.

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