The Florence Foster Jenkins Story

Germany | 2016 | 93 min
Author: Pleger Ralf
Cinematography: Valentien Christoph
Costume: Kornysheva Daria
Distribution: Hooper David
Lighting: Blum Henning
Cast: Benzwi Adam, Rekeszus Jan, DiDonato Joyce
Sound mixing: Steinhoff Jörn
Editing: Tschöke Frank
Producer: Von Huelsen Bernhard, Willer Maria
Manager: Sackarnd Linn
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FIFA Competition


North American Premiere

Dubbed the worst singer of all time, Florence Foster Jenkins led a flamboyant life in New York since the 1920s, filling up and selling out the mythic Carnegie Hall. An amalgam of fiction and documentary, this film, supported by unpublished archive footage, sound banks, and pictures, shines the light on the enigma of her dazzling rise to stardom, retracing her life punctuated by illusions, scandals, and mysteries. With a lavish treatment and an entrancing rhythm, two contrasting musical worlds are presented to us: the strong and melodic music which the diva thinks she’s presenting, and the distorted sounds to which she exposes the audience.


Ralf Pleger

Ralf Pleger is one of the most prominent directors of innovative music films and artist portraits. His aesthetically sophisticated films have won numerous international awards, including the Audience Award at the 2013 World Film Festival in Montreal for The Wagner Files, also nominated for the 2014 International Emmy Award. His most recent films are The Beethoven Files, Tchaikovsky: Confessions of a Composer, and Drama Queens.
Filmography | Tchaikovsky: Confessions of a Composer (2015) ; Beauty is a Crime (2015) ; The Wagner Files (2013) ; The Beethoven Files (2013) ; Vocal Battle on High Seas (2013) ; China's New Odeons (2013) ; Drama Queens (2012) ; Salut Salon: The Music Film (2012) ; Madrid – Zest for Life (2011) ; Horsepower Performances – The Time Journey of the Pianist Markus Groh (2010).

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