The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021

The Forgotten Treasure

Germany | 2019 | 78 min
German, Portuguese | Subtitles in English
Editing: Carsten Piefke
Cinematographer: Gustavo Hiroyuki Almeida
Sound: Bianka Schulze
Director: Tom Ehrhardt


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A Brazilian diplomat named Chagas Freitas realizes that he has almost unconsciously assembled a collection of Cold War-era East German art. Concerned about the treatment of culture in Brazil and feeling responsible for this important piece of art history of more than 1500 works, he decides to bring them back to Germany. Brilliantly directed by Tom Ehrhardt, this documentary tells the story of artists who fought to be able to work freely in a period when art was dominated by Socialist Realism and was strictly controlled by the East German regime.


Tom Ehrhardt

Tom Ehrhardt, born 1978 in Berlin, is a German filmmaker. With his Brazilian production partner Dácio Pinheiro he realizes film projects about aspects of our lives that are otherwise likely to be forgotten. Together they produced the music doc „Electrified“ (World Premiere at „In Edit Brazil 2019“), „The Forgotten Treasure“ (2019) and the upcoming „Lenita“, about an eccentric 1960s fashion photographer who became the most famous horse breeder in the world. Ehrhardt lives and works in Berlin and São Paulo.

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Filmography | Last Year in Summer (2010)

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