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The Kvetny Galaxy III 2019

Denmark | 2019 | 7 min
Author: Ida Marie Hede
Voice: Grete Tulinius
Artists: Ida Kvetny
Composer: Benedikte Damgaard
Director: Ida Kvetny
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FIFA Interactive


This artwork is a collaboration between an author ( Ida Marie Hede) and artist (Ida Kvetny). The author has written a text inspired by the artist’s work, where after the artist again has created a new digital work inspired by the words.

The Kvetny Galaxy III unfolds a “Surreal Universe”. The dense dazzled scenario feels, right out of a dystopian magical tale. 3D scanned ceramic sculptures, VR-sculpted animations and classical music lead you by the words into the galaxy. The psychedelic scenes are warped and dreamlike and dripping with saturated colors. There’s a dark feel and an open composition with amoebic creators with transparent souls. The landscape is strange and salute the metaverse. Meanwhile, the floating forms and deep blues call to mind Chagall. With an inspiration by Freud the viewer becomes an conduction archaeologist of the mind. Who attempts to uncover buried thoughts and feelings, to place them in context, to try to understand the relationships between them. The Kvetny Galaxy III looks something like an archaeologist’s lab turned upside down, with strange, unidentifiable organisms and artifacts left and right. Using an “ancient language that transcends time, place, and culture,” the nightmarish landscapes provoke thought and wonder and dread. Philosophical and artistic influences aside, this dark world is a way to connect the digital and the analogue world.

VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival, Germany (2019)


Ida Kvetny

Ida Kvetny (b. 1980) lives in Copenhagen. Since her graduation, Ida Kvetny has participated in several national and international exhibitions. She has received several grants and awards, including The Royal Scottish Academy Painters Prize and The Maclaine Medal (young promising painter), Aage and Yelva Nimb Honoray Scholarship and Niels Wessel Baggers Foundation grant. Several of her projects have been supported by the Danish Art Council. In early 2012 Ida Kvetny was included in “Kraks Blå Bog” (Danish Who is Who).

Ida has been artist in residence at RAID projects in Los Angeles, at the San Cataldo Institution in Italy, 18 Street Art Center in Santa Monica, NARS Foundation of Art, NYC and Paris at Statens Legatbolig in Paris.

In 2018 Ida showed new digital art works at the Leroy Neiman Center, Chicago Art Institute, US. She was nominated to take part in FOKUS Video Festival at Nikolaj Kunsthal and exhibited at Torvaldsens Museum. She took part in CopenX were she did an artist talk about ‘Pioneering artforms through immersive experiences´.

In 2019 she had a solo show at Rundetaarn “GAZE- surrealism in a digital age, where she showed a new Virtuel Reality installation alongside new paintings, sculptures, textiles, films and published a new artist book. In spring 2019 she showed her new films at Den Frie, DK and The Psychedelic & Transpersonal Film and Music Festival on Manhattan and “Light and Furture International Film Festival”, in Houston, US.

Her new VR work was exhibited at “The Peoples Film Festival” in NYC and showed at “VRHAM!”, DE. She participated in “Ceramic Synopsis and digital media” at Overgaden, DK & VR in contemporary Art, ArtHub Copehagen DK, Aug.

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Filmography | Technical Images (2017) ; Flashforward (2018) ; VRHAM! (2019) ; Peoples Filmfestival (2019), The Psychedelic and Transpersonal Film and Music Festival Manhattan (2019)

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