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THEATRON. Romeo Castellucci

France | 2018 | 54 min
English, French, Italian
Author: Giulio Boato
Cast: Claudia Castellucci, Romeo Castellucci, Silvia Costa, Willem Dafoe, Piersandra Di Matteo, Scott Gibbons, Joe Kelleher, Enrico Pitozzi, Pascal Rambert, Nicholas Ridout, Cindy Van Acker
Music: Lorenzo Danesin
Director: Giulio Boato


Canadian Premiere

Director, set designer, and costume designer for more than 100 shows and operas, Romeo Castellucci lit up the European avant-garde theatre scenein the 1990s. An account of the Italian director’s unique life, this documentary presents his prolific career with archival documentation of rehearsals and European tours that he conducted. Playwrights, composers, choreographers, and actors remember their artistic encounters with Castellucci, engaging in reflection on the deep roots of the theatre and its intrinsically linked relationship with human nature. A documentary that is highly stimulating, both artistically and intellectually.


Giulio Boato

Filmography | Glass and Bones (2017), Among Spiritual Guards (2016), Jan Fabre. Beyond the artist (2014-15), Bionet (2014)

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