These Memories Won't Last

Australia | 2015 | 0 min
Distribution: Sutu Eats Flies
Producer: Sutu Campbell
Sound: Lhasa Mencur
Artists: Stu Campbell
Production: Sutu Eats Flies
Programmer: Vitaliy Shirokiy


Presented as an interactive webcomic, These Memories Won’t Last tells the true story of an ageing grandfather who suffers from dementia. As his memories of the past and present blur, he questions whether they have any value at all.
Interactive creation available at the salon FIFA.

FREE ACCESS from 1PM to 11PM from March 23rd to April 1rst (The salon will exceptionnaly close at 7PM on April 1rst)


Sutu Campbell

Author, illustrator, and interactive designer Sutu Campbell uses art and technology in new ways to tell stories. He is best known for Nawlz, a 24-episode interactive cyberpunk comic book series created for the Web and iPad. He has also adapted traditional Australian Aboriginal stories and created the NEOMAD, a space opera set in the Australian outback, featured in the 2014 documentary, How Do We Get to Space. His work has won Webby, FWA, ATOM and JMAF awards.
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