Russia | 2015 | 73 min
- Without dialogue
Cinematographer: Alexander Sinyagin
Producer: Malika Alieva
Artists: Rasul Abakarov
Categories :
Experimental FIFA


Canadian Premiere

A tightrope walker crosses the abyss of a canyon in the highlands of Cauca­sians mountains using artworks of various Dagestani artists on instead of a balancing pole. The walker brings paintings and works on paper from one side of the mountain to the other into a structure that evokes a museum storage. By staging this risky operation, Makhacheva creates a vision of subjective institutional history of art, questioning the mechanisms of functioning of history of art under the threat of depths of amnesia.

Collection M HKA | Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp


Taus Makhacheva

Born in Moscow in 1983, Taus Makhacheva studied Arts, Communication, and Economics from 2002 to 2013, in Russia and England. Motivated by her Daghestani-Russian identity, she seeks to find her place in a national history in which the word “nation” doesn't exist. Taus Makhacheva has a performance-based practice that questions traditional forms of history making as well as cultural and gender norms.
Filmography | Super Taus (2014) ; The Fast and the Furious (2011) ; Endeavour (2010) ; A Space of Celebration (2009) ; Carpet (2006).

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Concordia, J.A. De Sève, Pavillon J. W. Mc Connell
Screening # 27
Experimental FIFA


Russia | 73 min | 2015

- Without dialogue