Tout garni

Canada | 2017 | 0 min
Producer: Gauthier Frédéric, Vali Fugulin, Nicolas S. Roy


When a pizza deliverer stumbles upon a group of Montreal artists, an absurd, wild and passionate adventure begins.
Interactive creation available on touchpad at the salon FIFA.

FREE ACCESS from 1PM to 11PM from March 23rd to April 1rst (The salon will exceptionnaly close at 7PM on April 1rst)


Vali Fugulin

Vali Fugulin has worked as a filmmaker in Montreal for the last fifteen years, directing numerous documentary series and web documentaries. In collaboration with the National Film Board, she created the innovative video game J’aime les patates (2015) and co-directed the web documentary Toi, moi et la Charte (2014), both of which earned NUMIX awards.
Filmography | Justice (2016) ; Interrupt this program (Villes résilientes) (2015-2016) ; Toi, moi et la charte (2014) ; Le théâtre des opérations (2013) ; Code Barre (2012) ; Naufragés des villes (2011) ; Zed in Tokyo (2009) ; Tupperware : Recettes pour le succès (2006) ; S'envoyer en l'air (2004) ; Les laboratoires Crête (2003).

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