Unseen : The Lives of Looking

United Kingdom | 2015 | 90 min
Cinematography: Dryden Goodwin
Distribution: Grasshopper Film
Editing: Jo Cole, Dryden Goodwin
Music: Dryden Goodwin
Producer: Sarah Caddy, Jo Cole, Gareth Evans
Sound: Dryden Goodwin
Production: Red Bee Media Ltd, Dryden Goodwin Projects Ltd
Categories :
FIFA Experimental


Dryden Goodwin’s first feature-length essay film, focuses on four individuals with extraordinary relationships to looking: an international eye surgeon, a NASA planetary explorer, a leading human rights lawyer and the artist/filmmaker himself. Mixing Goodwin’s closely observed drawings, live action and intricately woven soundtrack, the film explores different scales, forms and reasons for looking, in a poetic and metaphysically charged journey. Goodwin’s looking and implicit presence links the lives of these probing observers, exposing a kinship between those who live by the sensory rules of observation, a desire to decode in pursuit of knowledge and insight.


Dryden Goodwin

Dryden Goodwin is a British artist known for his intricate drawings, often in combination with photography and live action video. In addition to films, he has created gallery installations, projects in public spaces, etchings, works on-line and soundtracks. His works have featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the world.
Filmography | Poised (2012) ; Reveal (2003) ; Flight (2006) ; Closer (2001) ; Ospedale (1997) ; Hold (1996) ; Heathrow (1994).

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Unseen : The Lives of Looking
FIFA Experimental

Unseen : The Lives of Looking

United Kingdom | 90 min | 2015