The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021


United States | 2019 | 4 min
- Without sound
Editing: Ruth Gadish
Director: Vivian Ostrovsky
Categories :
FIFA Experimental


Canadian Premiere

In Russian, you “hear a smell.” In Italian, the word for “listen” sounds like the word for “feel.” A maestro has a “vision” of what a symphony should sound like. In a silent film, how can one make the spectator see the sound? A vivid and noisy assemblage of archival and contemporary images that plays on the present and the past to explore sound and silence in film.


Vivian Ostrovsky

Born in NY (USA). Attended high school in Rio de Janeiro before studying Psychology and Cinema at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Her activities began with her involvement in women’s cinema for which she organized international film festivals and subsequently founded Cine-Femmes International, through which she distributed films by women around Europe. She ceased this activity in 1980 when she began making her own films, but continued being active as film curator and programmer for international film festivals such as Jerusalem. Her films explore the theme of transit and can be described, according to Yann Beauvais between ‘film journal ‘ and ‘film collages’.

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Filmography | Unsound (2019) ; Hiatus (2018) ; DizzyMess, Film (2017) ; Mais ailleurs c'est toujours mieux (2016) ; Losing the Thread (2014)

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