The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021

Untitled (White - Alps)

Finland | 2019 | 70 min
Cinematography: Mikko Levoska
Editing: Salla Tykkä
Script: Salla Tykkä
Sound: Janne Jankeri
Director: Salla Tykkä
Categories :
FIFA Experimental


North American Premiere
A travelogue film about looking and the human need to see and understand the world, and about the limits of the sensory system as the mind penetrates deeper into matter, time and space.


Salla Tykkä

Salla Tykkä lives and works in Helsinki (Finland). She has been working with photography, video and film since 1996. Her work mainly deals with audiovisual memory and the power structures within the everyday visual narratives. Her works have been seen in various solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Tykkä’s films have also been shown at international film festivals. Her short film Giant won the Canon Tiger Award for Short Film at the 43rd IFFR – International Film Festival Rotterdam 2014. Tykkä received the AVEK Award for Media Art in Finland, in 2016.

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Filmography | Untitled (White - Alps) (2019) ; Retrospective (2016) ; Giant (2014) ; Equestrian (2012) ; Airs Above the Ground (2010)

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