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We Are Not Princesses

United Kingdom | 2018 | 74 min
Arabic | Subtitles in English
Animation: Norlum
Sound mixing: Bill Jackson
Editing: Sara Maamouri
Cinematographer: Bridgette Auger, Itab Azzam
Producer: Bridgette Auger, Maamouri Sara, Hal Scardino
Composer: Kaveh Vares
Director: Bridgette Auger, Itab Azzam
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FIFA Competition


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Quebec Premiere -

While living in a Beirut refugee camp, four Syrian women plunge into Sophocles’ legendary play, Antigone. This documentary, making its Quebec premier, is a colourful and moving account of the women’s journey: with courage, integrity and inspiration, they reflect on the course of their lives and rediscover forgotten joys. This finely wrought film, intertwined with dreamlike and poetic animations, highlights the bravery of four women in the face of displacement.

SF DocFest, USA (2019) - Audience Award for Best Feature
Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada (2019)
Buenos Aires Film Festival, Argentina (2019)
Syria Film Festival, Canada (2019)
Doc NYC, USA (2018)
Boston Film Festival, USA (2018)


Bridgette Auger

Bridgette Auger is an artist and filmmaker who has spent more than 12 years living and working in the Middle East. Through photography and video, she covered the Arab Spring in Egypt and Libya as well as the refugee crisis caused by the war in Syria for publications such as Die Zeit, The Guardian and The New York Times. She has a degree in Photography and Imaging from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and a Master in Social Documentation from UC Santa Cruz. She was a 2016 BAVC (Bay Area Video Coalition) National MediaMaker Fellow and a 2017 IFP Labs Doc Fellow. She is based in Jackson, Mississippi.

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Itab Azzam

Itab Azzam is a Syrian filmmaker based in London. She won a BAFTA in 2018 for her production work on the BBC Two series Exodus: Our Journey to Europe as well as a British Broadcast Award and a Liberty Human Rights Award. She has acquired wide-ranging experience in television, notably as part of the team behind BBC Four’s Syrian School. She produced the play Antigone of Syria and co-founded Sabbara, a social enterprise that promotes female empowerment by providing women with economic opportunity and psychological support. She also co-founded the Open Art Foundation, a charitable artistic organization that works with marginalized communities around the world.

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We Are Not Princesses
FIFA Competition

We Are Not Princesses

United Kingdom | 74 min | 2018

Arabic | Subtitles in English