The International Festival of Films on Art - 38th edition from March 17 to 29, 2020

Weerewa - Portrait of a Landscape

Australia | 2018 | 18 min
- Without dialogue
Cast: Elizabeth Cameron Dalman, Fu-Rong Chen, Yi-Cheng Chen, Yi Chung, Hsiao-Yin Peng, Vivienne Rogis, Miranda Wheen
Editing: Sue Healey
Cinematographer: Judd Overton
Composer: Darrin Verhagen
Director: Sue Healey


North American Premiere

The dance film Weerewa – Portrait of a Landscape is inspired by a place: Weerewa, in New South Wales, Australia. The lake is known for the unusual fluctuations in its water level. It may be completely dry for many years, then fill with water overnight. This film explores the specificities of this landscape: the wood, the lichen, the webs, the rocks, the animals, and the water. A commanding reflection on the human relationship with nature.


Sue Healey

Filmography | On View series (2015-2018) ; En route (-) ; Virtuosi (2012) ; The Golds (2014)

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