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What It Takes to Make a Home

Canada | 2019 | 29 min
English | Subtitles in French
Cinematography: Jonas Spriestersbach
Graphic creation: Christian Lange
Artists: Alexander Hagner, Michael Maltzan
Production: Sophie Couture, Camille Lavallée Prairie, Victorine Yok-Thot Sentilhes
Composer: David Drury
Concept: Giovanna Borasi
Director: Daniel Schwartz


This film is available online HERE

Quebec Premiere

What does it mean to live in the city without having a place to call “home”? What role do architects play with regard to homelessness and how do we make cities into inclusive and welcoming spaces? Making its Quebec premiere, this documentary follows a conversation between Michael Maltzan and Alexander Hagner, two architects who have thought extensively about these issues, hoping to alleviate the stigmatization of the homeless in large urban centres.

Architecture and Design Film Festival New York City, USA (2019)
Architecture and Design Film Festival Toronto, Canada (2019)
Architecture and Design Film Festival Vancouver, Canada (2019)
Budapest Architecture Film Days, Hungary (2019)
Melbourne Design Week, as part of the MDW Film Festival, Australia (2019)


Daniel Schwartz

Daniel Schwartz is a filmmaker and artist whose work focuses primarily on urban transformation from spatial, social, and political perspectives. Schwartz's recent films include Francis Kéré: An Architect Between (2016) and Torre David (2012). His films have been screened at festivals, in various museums, and have been featured by many broadcasters, including the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, MoMA, and the Venice Architecture Biennale. Schwartz's photography and writing have appeared in multiple publications including The New York Times, The Guardian, and Domus.

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Filmography | Francis Kéré: The Architect Between (2016) ; The Design Between (2016) ; The People’s Museum (2016) ; La continuación del mundo (2015) ; Mumbai: Maximum City Under Pressure (2014)

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