Zachary Richard, toujours batailleur

Canada | 2016 | 79 min
French | Subtitles in English
Cinematography: Bernard Fougères
Distribution: Bellefeuille Production Ltée
Editing: Julien Cadieux
Music: Serge Arseneault
Producer: Jean-Claude Bellefeuille
Production: Bellefeuille Production Ltée


Presented in partnership with Unis TV.

In this film by Phil Comeau, singer Zachary Richard embarks on a fascinating quest, tracing his ancestral roots and reflecting on what it means to be Acadian today. Travelling through three Maritime provinces and Louisiana, he attempts to understand how the Expulsion of the Acadians shaped his culture. The singer makes some surprising discoveries about the history of his family, who lived in Acadia for a century and a half. For the first time, he visits the villages where his ancestors lived, as well as the refugee camps where they survived the famine. Finally captured and imprisoned on Georges Island in Halifax, they were part of the first migrations to Louisiana, where Richard was born. Back home, he questions his Acadian circle about their origins and cultural affiliations. Will he manage to reconcile himself with the past and turn towards the future?

A production by a member of APFC (Alliance des Producteurs Francophones du Canada).


Phil Comeau

Acadian filmmaker Phil Comeau has directed over 100 films and television programs, both documentary and fiction. Shot in Acadia and 23 countries, his works have earned some 40 prizes at international festivals, and have aired on over 70 television networks. Phil Comeau is a member of the Order of Canada, the Order of New Brunswick, the Ordre des francophones d’Amérique, the Ordre de la Pléiade, and the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (France).
Filmography | Cousins, cousines de la Louisiane (2016) ; J'habite ici au bord de l'eau (2015) ; Le triangle des Bermudes (2015) ; L'Acadie hier et aujourd'hui (2014) ; Ron Turcotte, Jockey légendaire (2013-2014) ; Frédéric Back, grandeur nature (2012-2013) ; Les Acadiens du Québec avec Fred Pellerin (2010-2011) ; Stunt Stars (2008) ; Les héros de la peur (2007) ; La Sagouine (2006).

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Zachary Richard, toujours batailleur
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Zachary Richard, toujours batailleur

Canada | 79 min | 2016

French | Subtitles in English