Zorn (2010–2017)

France | 2010 | 54 min
French | Subtitles in English


Canadian Premiere – En présence du réalisateur

Spotlight: Music. Mathieu Amalric’s film with John Zorn began as a European TV commission that was quickly abandoned in favor of something more intimate: an ongoing dialogue between two friends that will always be a work-in-progress. A discussion with Mathieu Amalric will follow the projection.


Mathieu Amalric

Eclectic actor, Mathieu Amalric played in many films, from arthouse cinema to american blockbusters. He has won twice the César of Best Actor, in 2005 and 2008. As a director, he won in 2010 the Best Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival for his film On Tour.
Filmography | Music is Music (2017) ; Premières répétitions (Barbara Hannigan et LUDWIG Orchestra travaillent « Lulu Suite » d’Alban Berg) (2017) ; C'est presque au bout du monde (2015) ; La Chambre bleue (2014) ; Sfar (2010) ; Tournée (2010) ; La Chose publique (2003) ; Le Stade de Winbledon (2001) ; Mange ta soupe (1997).

Caroline Detournay

Caroline Detournay began her career as a film editor. She graduated from Fémis Editing Department. Since 2002, she edited a dozen documentaries, including Rodolphe Gonzales' Off tournée de Mathieu Amalric (2010), Paulina Pisarek's I Don't Touch the Gold (2011), and L'Europe des écrivains : La France de David Teboul, broadcasted on ARTE in 2015.
Filmography | Saint-Désir (2016) ; Free Bullet (2015).

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Music is Music
FIFA Competition

Music is Music

France | 20 min | 2017

English | Subtitles in French

Zorn (2010–2017)
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Zorn (2010–2017)

France | 54 min | 2010

French | Subtitles in English