Call for Filmmakers | Écrans Divers

For the first time, the International Film Festival on Art, Main Film, Diversité Artistique Montréal and Digital Cut are uniting forces in to support immigrant filmmakers in Quebec. We invite all filmmakers to visit our website now, the call is disclosed.

-> Are you an immigrant filmmaker in Quebec?

-> You want to produce and broadcast a short documentary about a practice, an artistic method, an artist's portrait(s), on one or many forms of artistic expression(s) or cultural experience?

-> Never have you been selected for a festival in Canada?

-> If yes, this call concerns you.

Open call from March 19, 2019 until June 2, 2019.


This call includes

- the pursuit of your film’s production with our production and post-production partners, Main Film and Digital Cut

- mentorship organized by Diversité Artistique Montréal

- the FIFA Passport, giving you access to all of the 38th edition of the International Film Festival events

- unique meetings with creators, producers, broadcasters, buyers

- a direct network with specialists

- complete support throughout the broadcast of your film at the 38th edition of the International Film Festival on Art

General conditions

-> matching the established criterias of a professional artist:

- having a specialized training in areas related to media arts (not necessarily in an educational institution);

- being recognized as such by peers (artists with the same artistic traditions, artistic careers);

- having spent more time in artistic practices, if your financial situation allowed it;

- having already presented works in public throughout festivals, broadcast channels or film works promotion (outside Canada)

-> matching the established criterias by the DAM immigration

- Immigrant: Born outside of Canada and not a Canadian citizen at birth

This initiative addresses itself to all types of residents, temporary or permanent. Please note that no organization will provide your right of residence (permit or visa). You must have a valid residence permit during the stay time in Montreal.


- All project registrations must be done before May 12, 2019.

- Projects with incomplete registration files will not be submitted to the Selection Committee.

The FIFA reserves the right to refuse any late or incomplete registration.
Accepted formats

- Once you have applied and your project has been selected, you must send us your work, please take into account the following modalities:

- The film must be less than or equal to a 10 minutes duration, otherwise you will not be eligible for the selection.

- Only projects from the following eight versions are accepted: French, English, dubbed in French, dubbed in English, subtitled in French, subtitled in English, without dialogue, without sound. Bilingual works are preferred.

- Files scanned in .MOV (1920 x 1080 px, Full Raster), with Codec in ProRes, DNxHD.

- The FIFA does not accept physical media (DCP, hard disk, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.)

. Audio Standards: A stereo LTRT soundtrack is required. The indication of the tracks is obligatory. Tracks 1/2 (Dolby Surround and Pro Logic accepted) will be preferred. No sound editing will be done by the FIFA.

Responsibilities & broadcast

- The FIFA declines any responsibility in case of bad or non-reception of application files, and this for any reason.

-It is the signatory's responsibility to ensure that all information is included in the application form and is accurate providing an up-to-date contact information for future correspondences.

- The FIFA will be allowed to publicly present during the Festival’s duration any film, video or selected work, to broadcast in cinemas or in any other places infused by the Festival for its’ 38th edition in March 2020 ;

- The FIFA will be allowed to publicly present, as part of the FIFA all-year-long activities, films, videos and official selected works, whether or not they have been awarded, in various educational or cultural venues, in Canada and abroad, with the approval of a previously established broadcast agreement between the FIFA and the holder’s rights.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee will be inhabited by representatives from each partner’s organization.

Online submission