Closing Film

The International Festival Of Films On Art (le FIFA), in collaboration with ID VISION FILMS II and ANALEKTA, are proud to announce the documentary Angèle en quatre temps will have its world première as  the closing film for the 37th of the International Festival of Films on Art,  Saturday March 30, 2019, 8:30 PM, at Cineplex Odéon, Quartier Latin. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the artist and the film's director, hosted by classical music radio personality Mario F. Paquet.

Angèle en quatre temps (English version Angèle Virtuoso) tells the story of Canada's pre-eminent violin virtuoso, Angèle Dubeau, exploring her expansive international career in classical music of over 40 years. The film explores the 4 seasons as a visual metaphor for life events and inspirational shifts of her unusual and meteoric ascension from rural Québec to Julliard, and ultimately the world stage.
"This documentary about Angèle Dubeau gives us privileged access to an exceptional artist and musician, and it is without hesitation that we chose it for the closing of our festival" states Jacinthe Brisebois, programming director for the festival.

Visually expansive nature and urban landscapes frame an intimate portrait of Angèle, not only as a highly accomplished violin virtuoso, but also as a conductor of her all-woman chamber orchestra. The documentary showcases collaborators, family as well as industry experts who provide a framework to understand her unique musical gifts and contribution to the music industry in Canada and abroad.

Isabelle Depelteau, the film's writer and director, set out to break with the traditional linear approach to biographical films, drawing from the seasons as a metaphor with Autumn set as time present. "Choosing to set the film in the action of the moment, provided us an opportunity to properly observe not just the day to day of a virtuoso and orchestra leader, but also to connect with the mother and businesswoman" says Mrs. Depelteau.
"Just how does one film a virtuoso whose careers spans more than 40 years?" asks Dan Shannon, Producer and Director of Photography for the film. "The decision was made early on to create a visual canvas of great landscapes, natural and urban, Shot over nearly 3 years in 5 countries, we are pleased to premiere the film at FIFA in Montréal" says Mr. Shannon

"So often in my career, after a show, I have met older individuals who would come to me saying "Wow, it was my first classical concert and I really loved it! What was I doing all these years?" says Mrs. Dubeau. "This just makes me think: "What if that person had been properly introduced to the classical music experience as a child? They would have learned to shape their own musical landscape. This is why I say music is a gift for life."