Extension of the call for submissions

​You can submit your film, your video or your work to the 37th International Festival of Films on Art until Octobre 15, 2018. The FIFA will be held in Montreal from March 19 to 31, 2019. Please note that the professional activities will take place from March 19 to 24. This edition will offer the opportunity to accept biopics and fiction films on art in its official programming. It also opens to new subjects : culinary art and video games.

About the Festival:
The International Festival of Films on Art (Le FIFA) is devoted to the worldwide promotion and presentation of films on art, media art and new narratives on art. Every year, in March, its selection presents the finest productions from around the globe. In 36 year of its existence, nearly 5 000 films have been selected and more than 400 prize have been awarded. The competitive festival is known as the most important event of its kind in the world.


Directors, producers, distributors, you have completed or are about to complete a fiction film on art, a biopic, a documentary, an art video or media art and want to premiere it in Montreal? Fill the online submission form before Octobre 15, 2018.   
New this year : in addition to the usual competition prizes, a prize will be awarded to the best short-film (30 min. and less).

Fees: 55$ CAD for each submitted film or video over 30 minutes in length.
15$ CAD for each submitted film or video of or under 30 minutes in length.


Submit your interactive or immersive documentary, virtual and augmented reality or multimedia projects or other forms of new narratives on all kind of art. Fill the online submission form before October 15, 2018.   
New this year : in addition to the usual competition prizes, a prize will be awarded to the best interactive work.

Fees25$ CAD for each submitted interactive work


- The Festival presents documentaries, fiction films on art, biopics, art video and interactive and/or immersive works and encompasses all of the arts, representing all eras and styles, including such disciplines as animation, archeology, architecture, art and politics, art and science, art brut, art history, art historians, art market, art technology, art theory, broadcasting, calligraphy, crafts, cinema, circus art, collage, collections, comic books, contemporary art, culinary arts, dance, design, drawing, experimental, fashion, films by artists, galerists, gardens, graphic arts, interior design, installations, lifestyle, literature, media arts and digital arts, mime, museums, music, new technologies, opera, outsider art, painting, performance, photography, poetry, public art, textile arts, therapeutic art, video art, restoration, sculpture, sociology of art, street art, tattoos, theatre, urbanism, works on paper, and related subjects.

- Short, medium, long features and interactives works (interactive and immersive documentary, virtual and augmented reality, multimedia projects) are accepted

- Only films or videos in one of the following eight versions will be accepted: French; English; dubbed into French; dubbed into English; subtitled in French; subtitled in English; no dialogue, no sound

- Films or videos presented publicly in Montreal theatres, at any other local festival, online, on the television screen on any other platform accessible to the Montrealer audience prior to March 31, 2019, are not eligible to the competition

- Although preferable, no exclusivity is required for the interactive and/or immersive works