The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021

FIFA Connexions

FIFA Connexions will be held on March 18 and 19, 2020. The series of events aims to gather professionals in the film industry but is also open to the general public. Building on the success of its first edition in 2019, FIFA Connexions invites culture stakeholders, artists, online distribution platforms, local and international creation studios to come and discuss production and distribution issues. The discussion will take the format of panels and talks that will deal with practical case studies. The objective, in addition to discussing current issues, is to disseminate knowledge about the actual players who are developing the field.

Location: Imperial Cinema, Quartier des spectacles
Activities: panels, workshops, conferences, a master class for professionals. The events are open to the public.
Accessibility: we offer unlimited access to these 2 days to the holders of a 38th FIFA passport (Je ne sais pas si ce le mot correct, il faut contrôler avec la billetterie en anglais). Each activity will have the price of a regular film screening.

FIFA Connexions is an opportunity to create contacts, synergies, and stimulate the production of new projects. It brings together local and international players and presents innovative tools instrumental to the production and distribution of art films and documentaries in 2020. Liaising with local and international academic researchers and culture stakeholders, FIFA will showcase different case studies about organizations that have adopted particularly relevant and innovative business models in the digital age.

The aim is to foster networking and collaboration opportunities for all the participants in the activities of FIFA Connexions. We hope that researchers, artists, students and the general public will take advantage of this initiative and meet the professionals invited to the 38th edition. FIFA Connexions will be for the audience a unique experience of encounter with prestigious personalities who never gathered in the same place before.


Film Production and Distribution in the Digital Age (with Suzanne Lortie, Professor at the UQAM Media School; Benjamin Hogue, director, producer and general manager of Film 3 Mars; Karine Boulanger, curator at Vidéographe; Jean-Christophe Lamontagne, President and founder of h264; Tamsin Moufflet Genillier, audiovisual producer for AM Art Films and co-founder of EYE Art Foundation; Marc Kirschner, co-founder and head of product and innovation for Marquee TV; and Ezra Winton, Director of Programming and Co-Founder, Cinema Politica), The Funding of Artistic Projects and its Contemporary Challenges (with Mehdi Benboubakeur, General Director of Printemps numérique; Catherine Chagnon, producer and founder of Microclimat Films; Marie-Josée Corbeil, Senior Director, Creative Industries Group, National Bank of Canada; Elsie Lefebvre, director of La Ruche; Florence Lamothe and Naomie Décarie-Daigneault, Tënk Canada Solidarity Cooperative; and Delphine Perru, Art historian, contemporary art advisor for AM Art Films and co-founder of the EYE Art Foundation), The Art of Filming Dance (with Édouard Lock, choreographer and director; Laurent Métivier, head of the audiovisual service at Paris National Opera; Valérie Lessard, artist, teacher and videographer; Marites Carino, journalist, director, artist; Alexandre Paskanoi, Director; and Jean-Christophe Yacono, Visual and digital artist), and finally Art Therapy (with Isabelle Gagnon, psychologist and art therapist; Stephen Legari, Head of the art therapy program and therapist at MMFA; Amy Éloïse Mailloux, head of the National Dance Therapy Center at Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal; Marie-Pier Malo, head of the education and research committee within the AATQ; Guylaine Vaillancourt, music therapist and director of the art therapy department at Concordia University; and Vincent Antonini, producer of L’âge d’or).


Master Class Mark Lewis : Rapt of the Spectator

Panel : Producing and distributing in the digital era

Panel : Financing artistice projects in the digital era

Panel : The art of filming dance 

Panel : Art therapy