Louis Bouvier and the trophies of the 36th FIFA

The winners of the closing ceremony that will take place on Saturday, March 17th will have the honor of receiving a sculpture by the Montreal artist Louis Bouvier, which consists of an assembly of a Greco-Roman column and a trinket of David’s head.

Lead, plastic and wood
These sculptures are the result of an association of the head of Michelangelo's famous David and a Greco-Roman column; two symbolic elements coming from ancient art and the legacy of Greek statuary. The originality of these statues however comes from the process of their creation and their colors. All made from the same molding, the trophies are far from identical, because repetition does not mean reproduction. Like the films awarded, the five Davids defend a common goal, art and culture, with their asperities, their defects, which also makes their singularity and originality. The colors of the Davids recall the paintings of pop-art artist Andy Warhol, adding an extra layer of understanding the work of Louis Bouvier. Popular culture meets the greatest symbols of the history of art. These trophies are the mirror of the wind of renewal blowing on the International Festival of Films on Art. Between Renaissance art and Pop-Art, between heritage and innovation, the International Festival of Films on Art became the builder of the bridge between yesterday and tomorrow. It embodies the image of a claim by art, of a fight for novelty. Neo-classicism and kitsch blend to form a single whole, a hybrid form at the service of defending art. 


Louis Bouvier is a 37-year-old Montreal artist. He holds a Master's degree in Visual and Media Arts from the Université de Montréal. Graduating in 2015, Louis Bouvier has continued his artistic research through many exhibitions. Its visual language unfolds through the assembly of elements and references belonging to the field of art history as well as to popular culture, giving birth to installations where the reference points of the viewer are jostled to create composite works, where spatial and temporal scales stretch and intermingle.

Drapé spéculaire, work of the exhibition
« Toujours en quête de la compréhension totale et absolue » presented at the CLARK centre
Banc du métro de Montréal, plâtre, FGR95, bronze et stainless steel, dimension variable.