Rendez-vous of Films on Art

Backed by International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA), the FIFA Industry gathers international art communities here in Montreal, Québec. This major event aims to promote cultural vibrancy of both local and international films on art. FIFA professional rendez-vous welcomes every year some hundred professionals from the sector of media arts, cinema and films on art to create contents of tomorrow. These professional events associate with some of the industry’s major players: authors, producers, distributors, museums, galleries, foundations, platform, etc. to keep abreast of the latest developments

A packed lineup with diverse discussions will be presented on Monday, March 12th during FIFA Industry’s Happy Hour (5à7). This event represents a catalytic role of joining the two weeks the festival, centralizing opportunities for gatherings and creative collaborations. Two Happy Hours events (March 12 and 15) will provide exclusive networking for all participants.

Guest speakers | March 12th

Johanna Eiramo & als. - Stories of Finnish Art - Atheneum Museum (Finland)
Marcel Müller, Anka Schmid& Jürg Egli SWISS FILMS (Switzerland)
Dominique Ferré - France Télévisions (France)
Karine Boulanger - Distributor Vidéographe (Montreal, Canada)
Annaëlle Winand & Eva Fleur Riboli - Distributor GIV (Montreal, Canada)
Anna Lupien - Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (Montreal, Canada)

Free entry

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