FIFA Experimental

FIFA Expérimental will once again offer an opportunity to discover contemporary artists, directors, and video makers whose creative works take us to the far horizons of the cinematographic imagination and offer alternative approaches to the perception and appreciation of art.

As Nicole Gingras, program director for FIFA Expérimental, notes, “Rich, complex, mobile, and, above all, omnipresent, the image continues its role as critical observer. It expresses our points of view, challenges our assumptions, makes us think; it disturbs and feeds the imagination. FIFA Expérimental, a section featuring works that are out of competition and by invitation, is devoted to exploratory forms of the image in movement and of narrative, associated with art video and experimental film.”


​This year, a monographic program devoted to Belgian artist Anouk De Clercq gives audiences a chance to discover an artist fascinated by various light phenomena: in her strong body of work, De Clercq explores spaces that are both familiar and improvable, that release a sense of dreaminess, timelessness, and absolute feeling.

Gingras also has other exclusives in store for film and video lovers, including figures associated with experimental cinema: Louise Bourque (Canada), Kandis Friesen (Canada / United States), Katherine Liberovskaya (Canada / United States), Vivian Ostrovsky (United States), Guillaume Vallée (Canada), Sami van Ingen (Finland), and Matthew Wolkow (Canada); animation: Marie Dauverné (Canada), Eric Gaucher (Canada), Allison Moore (Canada), and Mira Sanders (Belgium); essay film: Victor Arroyo (Canada), Rachel Echenberg (Canada), Michaela Grill (Austria), Shirin Sabahi (Iran/Germany), and Douglas Porter (Canada); not to mention the disconcerting labyrinthine narrative by Kim Kielhofner (Canada) and the sound quest of Frédéric Dallaire (Canada).

The selection explores notions of perspective – historical, political, autobiographical, or intimate – of surveillance and active listening. The works share ideas about the materiality of the image, expose the ephemeral nature of each experience shared, and testify to each artist’s profound attachment to his or her topic.