We are is proud to introduce this year’s prizewinners.  Twenty-four films were selected to compete for five awards determined by the jury: the Grand Prize, the Jury Prize, the Prize for Best Essay, the Prize for Best Portrait and the Prize for Best Canadian Film.

The Grand Prize

Dernières nouvelles du cosmos by Julie Bertuccelli
The Grand Prize winner is an outstanding film with a heart-wrenching subject – an author who, through her powerful words, forces us to question the way we view those who are different. This astounding writer sends us on a profound philosophical journey, tantalizing us as with a glimpse of her amazingly creative mind. The camera’s relationship with the writer and her remarkable mother offers an essential lesson in humanity.

The Jury Prize 

Where is Rocky II by Pierre Bismuth
The Jury Prize goes to a film that instantly won us over with its brilliant, complex storytelling and unforgettable cinematic artistry. A true film about art and a mysterious artist and the fantasies he inspires. It is also, and not least, a film about the art of cinema itself.

The Prize for Best Essay 

Between Calculus and Random by Jürg Egli
Boldly experimental, striking in its originality and the strength of its central idea, this film contains no dialogue, letting music, art, dance and cinema speak for themselves. The audience is drawn deep into the heart of the creative process on a journey that combines calculation and random discovery. A truly inspiring artistic experience that celebrates the joy of creation.

The Prize for Best Portrait 

Mstislav Rostropovitch, l’archet indomptable de Bruno Monsaingeon
This masterful archival film takes us on a musical, human and historical journey through the 20th century as we follow the career of a larger than life performer. It is an exceptionally lively portrait of an engaged, extraordinary musician, told with artistry and humility.

The Prize for Best Canadian Film

Megalodemocrat: the public art of Rafael-Lozano-Hemmer by Benjamin Duffield
This film gives the audience unique access to the ephemeral works of an artist who creates installations around the world. Produced over ten years, it documents the passionate, energetic work of a committed artist whose projects allow ordinary people to participate in the making of art in the places where they live.

 Second screening of Megalodemocrat: the public art of Rafael-Lozano-Hemmer: March March 18th | 3:00 PM | Canadian Center of Architecture