The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021


The International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) is pleased to reveal the winners of its 38th edition from 17 to 29 March 2020 . This year, 17 feature-length films and 16 short films were in official competition. They were in the running for one of the six prizes awarded by the jury: Grand Prize, Jury Prize, Prize for Best Essay, Prize for Best Portrait, Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin Prize for Best Canadian Work and Prize for Best Short Film.  

​“​It is indeed with great pleasure and pride that we announce today the winners of the 38th edition of FIFA.  This edition exceptionally online due to the COVID-19 pandemic could not have taken place without the support of the entire community of artists, directors and producers who supported us in our decision to continue the Festival online and to maintain the competition. Special thanks also go to all the members of the Jury for adapting to the more laborious virtual discussions in order to offer us a most engaging prize list,​”​stated  Jacinthe Briseboi​​s, ​FIFA's Director of Programming of art films. ​

"This edition of the Festival is unprecedented. Keeping and growing our audience as we migrated to an online platform in a matter of 48 hours was a major challenge that we met, thanks to a competent and close-knit team. However, I think that what people miss the most today is human contact. That is why we are looking forward to seeing our audience in the next edition. Because a festival is a celebration. A celebration that brings people together and initiates conversation," added FIFA’s Executive Director, Philippe U. del Drago. 


L'âge d'or directed by Eric Minh Cuong Castaing   
France | 2019 | 20 min | French / subtitles in French

"This short film pushes us to question our relationships with proximity. A sensory piece which, very gently, promotes the sense of touch as therapy, in a world where physical contact is less and less present. With a fluidity devoid of any false restraint, the film addresses motor disability through movement. In addition, beyond the physical, it is a question of our imagination. Self-expression is an individual ability and it knows no bounds. This was the film that, for us, had the most impact as a whole, in terms of both the filmmaking and subject matter. All elements (pace, colour, sound, camerawork) create a beautiful world to explore disability and dance. A truly wonderful film.", emphasized the juy. 


Haida Modern directed by Charles Wilkinson
Canada | 2019 | 1 h 20 min | English / without subtitles     

"This film seduced us in several ways. Firstly, in meeting the Amerindian artist Robert Davidson, whose powerful work and personal trajectory open an invaluable window on Haida culture and history. Then, through the quality of his cinematic grammar, and finally, through his visual approach to his artistic work: from the artist's gestures in close-up, to a more general view of the works, the distance is always appropriate.", stated the jury. 

"We are honoured to be associated with FIFA again this year, as the team has shown remarkable inventiveness and responsiveness in these difficult times. Together with the Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin Cinema team, we are already looking forward to welcoming the 39th edition of FIFA on the big screen, and most importantly, all of us together!" said Alice Burger, Senior Marketing Manager, Quebec, Cineplex Divertissement.


Lemebel directed by Joanna Reposi Garibaldi                                                                                       
Chile / Colombia | 2019 | 1 h 36 min |  Spanish / subtitles in English

"This portrait of Lemebel, a total Chilean artist, who used his body as an instrument of art and expression of civil rights against dictatorships, is a tribute, but also a manifesto in itself. The director allowed us to discover the artist right up to his last act, through an intimate vision of a memory album where Lemebel faces fire with courage - but without burning himself. We come out of it conquered by the man, his fight, his mission." underlined the jury.


Architecture of Infinity directed by Christoph Schaub                                                                 
Switzerland | 2018 | 1 h 25 min | German / English / Portuguese / subtitles in French

"From the first moment to the end credits, director Christoph Schaub convinced us through his ability to share personal questioning in a story with just the right rhythm. We were moved by this essay that is unafraid to let long, contemplative time stand still, by the beauty of its images, by the relevance of the gaze of its protagonists, all craftsmen of the infinite.", highlighted the jury.


Que l'amour directed by Laetitia Mikles 
France | 2019 | 1 h 19 min | French / Arabic / subtitles by French

"The director's close-up look at Abdel Khelil, the moving and generous interpreter of Brel songs, who is also employed in a car rental agency, particularly won us over. The journey of this man, who appropriated another language, another culture, and, today, the words and gestures of such an emblematic artist, all touched us with the truth and the strength that emerge from him. He surrenders himself entirely, in front of sometimes sparse rooms, not as a performer, but to present his humanity, so well rendered by Laetitia Mikles.", commented the jury.


We Are Not Princesses directed by Bridgette Auger and Itab Azzam 
United Kingdom / United States | 2018 | 1 h 14 min | Arabic / subtitles : French

"We Are Not Princesses is not only a touching testimony of Syrian refugee women living in a camp in Beirut, it is above all a strong and essential film about all that art, in this case literature and theatre, will bring them. These women, inspired by the strength and stubbornness of Antigone, heroine of the Sophocles tragedy, will confront their husbands, their families and society, will sometimes find the joy they had lost, but, mainly, will never be the same again. The subtle editing work, the poetic incursions into animation when the image of the women is forbidden, allow us, above all, to hear the voice given to them by the directors, one they express fully and that will resonate in us for a long time.", stated the jury.


The members of the feature film jury are Emelie de Jong, Head of Arts Department ARTE France (France), Phoebe Greenberg, Founder and director of Phi (Canada), Laurent Métivier, Head of Audiovisual at the Opéra national de Paris (France) and Cosimo Terlizzi, Visual artist and artistic director of Asolo Art Film Festival (Italy).

The members of the short film jury are Catherine Bédard, Head of the Exhibition Program and Deputy Director of the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris (France/Canada), Marley Hansen, Programmer NOWNESS | London (United Kingdom) and Rad Hourani, Multidisciplinary artist (France/Canada).


Credit photo: Manon Assens

In keeping with its desire to support the future of art in Quebec, FIFA is happy to showcase the province’s talented young artists who thus gain greater exposure while enriching the Festival with their work.
This year’s choice is the multidisciplinary artist Camille Zurini of Montreal. When she started her BFA at Concordia in 2011, she decided to try the ceramics class and fell in love with the medium. Discovering a propensity for 3D, she then enrolled in bronze-casting classes. She fell in love with the laborious process of metal casting the same way she did with ceramics; from the modelling of the wax, all the steps until the casting and the final finishing of the metal piece. After completing her BFA in 2016, she now mostly works in the mediums of ceramics and painting, while occasionally she still works wax modelling, metal-casting and taking photographs. In September 2016 she launched a series of functionals ceramics under the name of Lola Cera.